Summit Schedule

The Latter-day Hero Summit is all about helping you empower the girls in your life to be the heroes of their life story.  We do this through Ruby Girl’s five step framework: 1) Ready the Shero, 2) Ready the Environment, 3) Ready the Weapons, 4) On to Victory, and 5) Ready Other Sheroes.

Monday, August 3: Ready the Shero

Kristen Walker Smith

5 Keys to Self-Confidence For Girls

Monica Packer

How to Help Stressed Out Teens Embrace a Progresss-not-Perfection Mentality

Kristen Goodman

How to Help Teenage Girls Harness the Power of Their Thoughts

Melinda Brown

Helping Girls Embrace Their Power to be Brave Like Eve

Tuesday, August 4: Ready the Environment

Lexie Kite

How to Teach Modesty in Empowering Ways

Emily Jones

Taming Tech in Your Teen’s Life

Cheryl Cardall

Parenting a Teen with a Mental Illness

Mackenzie Ayers

Helping Girls with Eating Disorders and Psychological Trauma

Natalie Gessell

Preparing an Environment Where Teens Can Flourish

Wednesday, August 5: Ready the Weapons

Kay West

Teaching Your Daughter to Address Racism

Kristen Duke

How to Help Girls Deal with Toxic Perfectionism

Amber Robbins

The Power of Daily Gratitude and Mindfulness

Candis Shupe

How to Help Teens Harness the Power of Scripture Study and Prayer

Thursday, August 6: On to Victory

Kimberly Christenson and Jayne Swallow

Helping Teens Tackle Goals with the Power of Journaling

Heather Glenn

Empowering Our Daughters to Make and Reach Goals

Anne Maxson

Fail Safe: 3 Tools to Use When Faced with Feelings of Failure

Kristen Walker Smith

What to Do as a Mom/Leader When a Girl Falls Off the Covenant Path

Friday, August 7: Ready Other Sheroes

Ramona Morris

Girl Tribes and Dealing With Racism in the Church

Michelle Lehnardt

Taking Care of Yourself So You Can Take Care of Others

Tami Black

Helping Girls Be Inclusive in Their Friendships